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Here are the common questions that people have about our lighting services, and commercial lighting and electrical services in general. If you have a question that is not answered below, you can send us your question through our contact page and we will promptly reply with an answer.

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If you are thinking about upgrading the lighting at your property, there are several factors to consider. Here are some common facts about organizations that upgrade their lighting. They…

  • Know the costs of lighting the facility
  • Reduce the usage of energy usage at their facility
  • Enhance the value of their building
  • Are more likely to qualify for utility company incentives
  • Reduce costs of operations
  • Increase the light quality of the facility
  • Establish a more environmentally conscious operation

When a light or lights are not working efficiently, it is pretty easy to tell. If the light flickers or if the color of light being put out varies, then there is a high likelihood that the light should be replaced or repaired.

CLE can help your organization save up to 60% on your facility’s energy bills. The proper lighting retrofit may also qualify your business for other government tax deductions and utility company rebates as well. Contact us to learn more about saving your business money by implementing a lighting retrofit.

LED lighting is more efficient than incandescent or halogen lighting by approximately 85%, partly because approximately 80-90% of energy emitted from those bulbs gets converted to heat instead of light. Because of this, LED lights do not require nearly as much energy to produce the same amount of light. By design, LED lights will also last about 50x longer than incandescent or halogen lighting.

Most fluorescent lights and compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) contain mercury among other hazardous materials. As such, these lighting products must be disposed of carefully and properly, so that they do not contaminate landfills or cause danger to anyone. Fluorescent lights are also subject to flickering, and some people can be very sensitive to this, and even experience strained eyes, headaches, and even migraines. On the other hand, LED lights utilize solid-state technology, which enables stable dimming without flickering.  Additionally, fluorescent lights can take a significant amount of time to reach their full brightness levels, especially when it is cold. LED lights, on the other hand, turn on instantly in any environment and temperature.

Yes, CLE does warranty our labor and materials. Materials come with manufacture warranties. Some manufactures offer a warranty up to 10 years, but most are at least backed by a 5 year limited warranty. CLE also warranties our craftsmanship. Normal labor warranties are backed by 1 year, however we believe all issues deserve a full inspection as to why the situation happened and if in any way the issue was installation related, it is likely CLE will back that for over a year. You are in good hands with us, it is our reputation on the line and that cannot be compromised!

Our regular response times are determined by a number of factors, but here are our usual response times:

  • Service & Repairs: Within 2 days
  • Emergencies (complete loss of power, fire, or major safety issues): Same day or after hours (After hour rates may apply)
  • Proposals/Estimates: 2-4 Business days

You do not need to be present when work is completed. We are licensed, bonded and insured for your protection, and all of our electricians are thoroughly screened and background checked. If you have questions about the work being completed, then we do encourage you to be present at the time the technician arrives. It comes down to your preferences, and we will work with you to accommodate your schedule.

We Go Beyond the Typical Lighting Maintenance Standards

As a full service lighting maintenance and installation provider with offices in Riverside County and Orange County, we serve a wide variety of organizations and businesses, such as homeowner’s associations, commercial property management, retail, distribution, commercial and industrial properties. Whether you need a commercial lighting design, build, repair, or ongoing maintenance, you can rely on Creative Lighting & Electrical to provide expertise, creativity, and a cost-effective approach to all of your lighting needs.  Call us at 877-372-9473 or contact us online today to discuss your specific needs and allow us to provide you with our strategic recommendations and a competitive estimate.

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