Light Pole Installation Focused on Function, Efficiency, and Aesthetics

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The lights in your parking lot or other community areas exist to serve a diverse purpose- to provide sufficient illumination during night time hours for people on the property, and to protect them from a myriad of dangers and safety hazards. As a property manager, your aim should be to create an inviting light pattern that draws the interest of the public, as well as increase your ability to achieve optimal energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Light Poles are More Efficient and Effective than Ever.

With many options for pole structure to choose from, such as standard poles, decorative fixtures, and custom styles, we can help you create a lighting environment that is not only safe and functional, but also adds to the visual attractiveness of your property.

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Light Pole Installation or Repair with a Wide Variety of Options:

  • Light Pole Replacement or Install
  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • Concrete Pole Base Replacement
  • Underground Pole Wiring
  • Pole Lighting Troubleshooting
  • HID Repair or Installation
  • LED Repair or Installation
  • Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium
  • Low Pressure Sodium or T5 Pole Lighting
  • Photo Control or Time Clock Replacement
  • Parking Lot Lighting Design & More!!
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We Go Beyond the Typical Lighting Maintenance Standards

As a full service lighting maintenance and installation provider with offices in Riverside County and Orange County, we serve a wide variety of organizations and businesses, such as homeowner’s associations, commercial property management, retail, distribution, commercial and industrial properties. Whether you need a commercial lighting design, build, repair, or ongoing lighting maintenance, you can rely on Creative Lighting & Electrical to provide expertise, creativity, and a cost-effective approach to all of your lighting needs.  Call us at 877-372-9473 or contact us online today to discuss your specific needs and allow us to provide you with our strategic recommendations and a competitive estimate.

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